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When You’re In Love, You Sleep Better – Medical Doctor

Sleep, as is known, is one of the major requirements of humans.

Like exercise and a balanced diet, sleep may help prevent a range of health issues, including heart disease and depression.

Sleeping well directly affects the individual’s mental and physical health. It can take a serious toll on one’s daytime energy, productivity, emotional balance, and even weight.

It is believed that people who exercise regularly sleep better, especially at night, and feel less sleepy during the day.

But Dr. Yaw Osarfo, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director at Medicas Hospital in Accra, Ghana, is of the view that people who are deeply in love sleep better.

“You sleep better when you’re in love, even when you’re in a poorly ventilated room. When you’re curdled up against your loved one, I’m telling you, sleep comes and takes over,” he said.

He concurs with the belief that curdling induces sleep, as the hearing of words of love and affection sounds sweet to the ears.

Dr. Yaw Osarfo also supports the ideology of children sleeping for longer hours. He said, “When you sleep, things like growth hormone, which is important for growth, get released, and the rate of release hits its peak during sleep.”

According to him, people who sleep for fewer hours, like two or three, cannot be physically fit.

Sleep, as most people know, is medicine due to the fact that the body repairs itself. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being.

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