TEDA School’s Founder Offers Scholarships To Students In South East Nigeria

TEDA School’s Founder Offers Scholarships To Students In South East Nigeria

The founder of TEDA School, one of Abia State and South East’s leading secondary schools, has lamented the absence of an enabling environment for first-rate performance in public schools in the country.

Dr Godson Dinneya, an economist and educationist, noted that the environmental issues concern the state of facilities and remuneration for instructors. Dinneya’s Total Education Development Academy (TEDA) contributes to solving the problem by ensuring an enabling environment conducive to all players in the system and offering scholarships to four categories of students.

Dr Dinneya stated: “Three parts make up a school: the Instructors, Learners, and the teaching/learning environment. To a large extent, there are still qualified teachers, and the students are readily available. What is grossly lacking is the enabling environment, especially infrastructure. You have classrooms with leaking roofs; empty libraries; cobwebs-infested laboratories; dry and blocked water pipes where they existed; and a near absence of electricity. And the big one – poorly remunerated school staff whose salaries are almost always in arrears of up to 12 months. Governments have therefore lost the moral right to enforce their own policy guidelines on school management”.

TEDA offers fee rebates for academic brilliance, staff children, children of Christian ministers regardless of denomination, widows’ children and the third sibling in a row.

Dinneya said 12 per cent of the school’s population are in one form of scholarship or the other. Those on Academic Excellence pay only 50% of the fees same as staff children. A pastor’s child qualifies for a 25 per cent rebate, a third sibling gets a 20 per cent rebate while children of widows also get 20 per cent rebates on the fees.

Award-winning TEDA School at Eke-Owerri, Obingwa in Abia State has introduced more practical courses and equipment to boost the curriculum for students as it prepares for the 2022/2023 academic session.

“In addition to our well-equipped Cultural and Creative Arts Studio (CCA), TEDA has introduced music classes powered by Kharismates Music Academy, Nigeria, where students are taught how to sing and play different musical instruments such as violin, cello, saxophone, keyboard, guitar and more”, said Dr Godson Dinneya, founder.

TEDA has also introduced and equipped an Information and Communication Technology workshop to add to the six workshops it has for technical subjects. It now offers Phone and Computer Maintenance (PCM) classes “designed to empower the students in ICT-based entrepreneurship and self-reliance after secondary school.”

Five well-equipped workshops offer practical experience in automotive technology, woodwork, metalwork, electrical and electronics, and more.

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