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Seun Kuti Blasts Nigerian Media For Celebrating Criminals



Afrobeats star Seun Kuti has come out once again with blazing guns. In a most recent video posted on social media, the fiery musician and son of late Afrobeats legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti accused the Nigerian media of promoting the illicit acts of internet fraud and albeit, abetting the criminal activities of drug dealers.

He said: “It’s you, Nigerian media that’s encouraging fraud and the illicit acts of the yahoo criminal boys. I remember how Ovation magazine used to display pictures of the lavish homes and parties of these criminal politicians and yahoo boys.

“Most Nigerian journalists and publications made yahoo boys popular by promoting them. You know me, I don’t patronise fraudsters and corrupt people.

“Even Fuji musicians were singing songs and recording albums to praise these fraudsters and drug dealers. All of you dance to the music.”

Renowned for his fearless, but constructive socio-political comments, Seun Kuti, went further to blast the entertainment media, particularly, calling out publications like City People, Encomiums and Fame magazine of being guilty of making criminals popular.

“There’s nothing Nigeria media can do to me. Nigerian journalists have done nothing for me. You didn’t make me. You can’t spoil, what you didn’t make. Firstly, you must add to me, before you can subtract from me,” he added conclusively.

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