Queen’s Death: Charles Finally Achieves His Destiny

Queen’s Death: Charles Finally Achieves His Destiny

The new King will officially be known as King Charles III, it has been officially confirmed.

For Charles, there will be conflicting emotions. There will be great sadness, that he refers to in his statement, about the loss of his mother.

But also, this is the moment he finally achieves his destiny. He is the oldest and longest-serving heir apparent in British history. He will be the oldest person, at 73, to become King in British history.

Charles III will know this is a challenge – to step into the role successfully occupied by Elizabeth II for so many years.

He has had a long time to think about this, he hasn’t spoken about it – because it wouldn’t be appropriate. The only clue he has given is that he fully understands the role of the monarch is very different to that of the Prince of Wales.

He will reign in his own way but within the constraints of the constitutional monarchy.

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