Peter Obi’s Big Win In Lagos Set Social Media On ‘Fire’

The unexpected win of Labour Party of Peter Obi in Lagos, the stronghold of presidential flagbearer of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC), has been greeted with wild reactions across major social media in Nigeria.

Nigerians were waiting patiently when the results of the largest African economy were being announced since Sunday with both Obi and Tinubu going ahead to head, but the last two results of Alimosho and Ojo local governments were the icing on the cakes for Obi who the political bookmakers had before now been described as Mr No Structure.

At the last count, the Labour Party of Mr Obi gave Mr Tinubu’s APC a knockout which is unprecedented in the Nigerian political history.

The final result reads: LP: 582, 354 APC: 572, 606.

Immediately the result was announced and Lagos office of Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the Labour Party winner of Lagos State presidential election, the social media especially Twitter went agog with series of reactions pouring in.

To Mr Macaroni in his tweets, “Despite all the violence and intimidation unleashed in Lagos, Peter Obi has won Lagos State!!! The margin should be way more!!! I just want the people to know that the power is in our hands!!! They said no structure!! They said it is internet noise!!! LESSONS!!!!!

“Youths in This same Lagos State were killed for protesting peacefully. So many brutalized and dehumanized!!! So many are still in detention!!! So many of us still receiving threats daily… So you expect Youths to forget these atrocities in the name of Tribe??? Evil People!!!.”

Journalist David Hundeyin tweets: “Even with all of Tinubu’s rigging, @NgLabour won Lagos. That gives you an idea of just how vast the real margin of victory was against the drug pusher before he fought back in his usual criminal manner. And since we won Lagos, you know the true result in Rivers.”

Going memory lane, Tolu Ogunlesi recalled that this is the “Second time an opposition party is winning Lagos in the Presidential election, after 2011 where PDP had 1.2m votes vs 427,000 for the ruling ACN.”

Tomisan Okomi wants Nigerians to give credit to the Labour Party and the youths, saying’ “you really have to give credit to where it is due. LP winning Lagos in the Presidential election is massive. Might not be enough to win the Presidency but you have to give them credit.”

Social media influencer, JJ Omojowa tweeted Tinubu’s APC was indeed humbled by the Labour Party, which is unprecedented.

“A humbling loss for the APC in Lagos. Democracy at its best. Votes count. This is yet another proof of that. This is an unprecedented result. Big win for Labour Party, big loss for the APC, irrespective of the final presidential result,” he said.

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