A new and exciting family-friendly show – Kellogg’s Superstar Quiz Show premiered on Sunday, 6th November 2022, on Zee World. The show will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 6 pm on Zee World, Ch. 166 on DStv, and Ch. 25 on GOtv.

Demonstrating a deep passion for creative excellence and educational advancement in Nigeria, Kellogg’s partnered with Zee World, to introduce the school-based quiz “Kellogg’s Superstars Quiz show”.

The new show aims to test the academic knowledge and physical and mental skill of primary school pupils across 3 major cities (Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos) in Nigeria.

Kellogg’s Superstars Quiz Show searched for the top performing students in their respective schools, providing them with the opportunity to participate in mental and physical games, trivia, and syllabus questions that will test their abilities and eventually reveal who shines the brightest of all.

The show will run until December 2022, airing weekly on Zee World Ch. 166 on DSTV and Ch. 25 on GOtv, the first English-dubbed Bollywood channel in Africa, which is, also, well-known for its novellas that keep families in Nigeria and across Africa glued to their screens.

The quiz show, which covers three regions: Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos, features each episode that will test the pupil’s academic knowledge, physical and mental skill & team spirit prowess. The winning team from each round gets special spot prizes not only for themselves but also for their school and their supporting teacher.

Round by round and region by region the pupils need to represent their school in the best way possible all in the hope of making it to the grand finale, which will be held in Lagos.

The Kellogg’s Superstars Quiz Show is anchored by Titilayo Oyinsan a seasoned television host and Segment Producer for one of Nigeria’s top TV breakfast shows. Titilayo brings her professional dexterity and charming personality to deliver an outstanding show.

According to Omobonike Osikoya, the Assistant Brand Manager, “Kellogg’s Superstars Quiz show is another major project for Kellogg’s who worked closely with 27 Students in primary schools 9 schools across 3 regions in the country, and this time we are collaborating with Zee World to support in serving the vision and message to the world”.

Beyond sharpening their academic talent, the show seeks to build confidence in our future leaders on general knowledge across the globe.

Watch Kellogg’s Superstar Quiz Show only on Zee World channel 166 on DStv and GOtv channel 25.

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