Executive Director of the Lightup Foundation, Olasubomi Aina Iginla MBE, has tasked Nigerian youths on self-development and to stop running on worldly things that may affect their future career.

Iginla said this while addressing students of Lagos Anglican Grammar School recently at the school premises in Suruelere, Lagos during an event to commemorate the 50th graduation of the school’s 1967­/71 set.

In a topic titled “Yes You Can”, Iginla explained that those who have integrity and can add values to society are not celebrated and easily forgotten while Nigerians prefer to celebrate rich people without knowing the source of their wealth.

“It is not what a man drives that makes a man but what is driving a man, which is usually from within. Let’s believe in ourselves and we should stop running after money for wrong reasons. It is unfortunate today that we celebrate only rich people without knowing the source of their wealth and we have forgotten to celebrate those who have integrity, right people that can add values to the community, “said Iginla Director Global NGO Executive Committee{GNEC}Liasing for Global NGO to the UN.

Iginla who was appointed by the Nigerian government as the Diaspora Ambassador to Nigeria as well as the National Assembly Ambassador to the UK, emphasized on self- empowerment and development and urged the students not to be driven by ephemeral life-styles and worldly things.

She however encouraged them to dream big and always be led by God. She added that many Nigerian youths nowadays are planning to travel out without a purpose saying that such travelling may lead them into trouble.

“Don’t travel out because everybody is travelling out. Wait for your appointed time. Try to be led by God and when you travel out of the country, try to come back home and help the community that made you,” she said.

Meanwhile,s it was a celebration of joy and re-union for the 1967/71 Set of Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar School when they gathered on Sunday to mark 50 years of leaving their former secondary school in Surulere, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

More than 40 old students attended the Sunday thanksgiving service held at the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Surulere before proceeding to a well-packaged reception where the old students, families, well-wishers, relations and friends dine and wine together to celebrate the goodness of God in the lives of the old students.

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