How Oyetola’s Government ‘Unpatriotic Act’ Botched Multi-billion Naira Investments In Osun State

Foreign diplomats seated during the Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019 event in Oshogbo
Comrade Yahaya Majeed, a chieftain of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Osun state has described the administration of Governor Isiaka Oyetola as a government that ought to have not come to be in Osun State.
Speaking with the journalists in Osogbo at the weekend, Comrade Yahaya said that the present government in the state has been paying lips service to the issue of Foreign Direct Investment to a state that everybody knows is being affected by a drought of investment and funds to carry out its statutory responsibilities to the citizens.
Comrade Yahaya recalled what top officials of the Oyetola-led government did when an international agricultural exhibition and conference was staged in Osogbo, the state capital in 2019. The agro-exhibition and conference tagged Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019 was a partnership between the state government and a private organisation to create an interface between the local stakeholders in agriculture with big players on the international scene.
“I am glad to say that the Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019 was successful despite the unpatriotic attitude of Oyetola’s government. I still find it hard to believe how top officials of this government would descend so low to write letters to foreign accredited Ambassadors and Higher Commissioners in Nigeria that they should not come for the programme which had been scheduled to take place in Osun State. This, they did, a few days before the event. Those diplomats felt sorry for Osun state and Nigeria that an event of a global magnitude could be handled carelessly by a state government.
“Thank goodness, all the Ambassadors and High Commissioner ignored Osun State Government’s letters and attended the programme. As the event was rounded up, the state government officially and shamefully informed the organisers of the Agritech event to bring the diplomats to the Governor’s office for a meeting. I must confess, this further show how shallow thinkers our supposed leaders in power behaved.
Executive Director Agritech Nigeria, Comrade Yahaya Majeed speaking with journalists during the event
“But I am glad to say that hope is not lost as the inherent benefits and investments from the Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019 are still intact and are ready to come back to Osun state when a friendly and ever-ready government is put in place sooner than we expected. Osun State people should watch out in the gubernatorial election to vote rightly and wisely,” Comrade Yahaya said.
Read what Israel Embassy in Nigeria said about Agritech Nigeria Osun 2019:
When asked if there is any hope that these investors are ready to come and invest in the state in the nearest future?
The Comrade said: “These investors and their governments are ready to invest in the state if a purposeful government is put in place in the nearest future because these investments will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and wealth for the people of the state.
“I think it is high time we stop playing politics with the lives of the people. We must face the fact. We need a serious government to govern us in Osun State. People should decide where they are going on 16 July 2022.”

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