Heavy Security Operation In Place Ahead Of Queen’s Funeral

The most complex security operation London has ever seen is underway.

The queue of people waiting to pay their last respects, snaking its way from Lambeth Bridge along the South Bank, is the most vulnerable point.

As the first line of defence against the terrorist threat, the police are asking the public to be their own eyes and ears, to look out for each other, stay vigilant, trust their instincts and report anything that does not feel right.

Some 1,500 military personnel have also been deployed since Tuesday night among them Gurkhas and Paratroopers, Royal Navy Police and Royal Military Police, and RAF personnel in their blue-grey uniforms. A military Wildcat helicopter has made several flights over Westminster.

Behind the scenes, the security service MI5 is watching for any changes of behaviour by “subjects of interest”, people suspected of involvement in violent extremism and terrorism.

Armed police officers with binoculars have already been visible on rooftops in Westminster.

Watching the queue are police specialists trained to identify people preparing a terrorist act.

The Met want to stress that while the event is unprecedented, much of the policing will be familiar to its officers.

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