The senior women’s handball team won, this Saturday, the 25th African Championship with a victory over Cameroon, by 29-19, in a competition held in Dakar, Senegal.

With a clear balance in the opening minutes, the two formations, which repeated the last final, opted for short passes.

The African champions, with a good attitude in defense, did not allow their opponents to go ahead of the scoreboard, despite the opportunities created.

The tranquility of the pearls came from the bench, allowing them to leave the break to win, by 13 -10.

In the second half, Angola showed technical improvement and “asphyxiated” the opponents, calmly leading the challenge, without the Cameroonians creating situations to reverse the situation.

In the final stage, coach Vivaldo Eduardo put goalkeepers Teresa Almeida “Bá” and Helena Sousa on the playing court, ensuring that the victory and the revalidation of the title were in place.

Natália Bernardo, one of the oldest players on the field, led the offensive moves of the national team.

The first four classified, that is, Angola, Cameroon, Congo and Senegal, are qualified for the next World Cup.

This triumph confirms Angola’s hegemony in women’s handball on the African continent, with 15 titles, a second position and two thirds.

In history, the Angolans lost only one final, in 1991, in the city of Cairo, Egypt.

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