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Forensic Audit: Indicted Officers Must Be Prosecuted – Kwara Must Change


A leading Pro-democracy group, Kwara Must Change has urged the Kwara State government to charge all those indicted in the recently submitted forensic audit to court so that they can have a fair opportunity to respond to specific allegations levelled against them in the damning report.

Kwara Must Change also said that the indictment of various individuals in the report will amount to nothing if they are not charged to court immediately.

In a statement by the Convener of Kwara Must Change, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, the group explained that the engagement of forensic auditors to investigate various allegations levelled against officials of the past administration by different committees set up by the government is an indication that the Kwara State government is not on a witch hunting mission.

According to Hamzat, several committees set up by the Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman-led administration have indicted several individuals in the past administration, but instead of acting solely on the indictment of those committees, the government choose to delay action, subjecting its own committee’s indictment to further forensic audit, so as to ensure that no one is being indicted without any evidence or out of sheer dislike or malice.

“Since 2019, immediately after the ‘Otoge’ administration came on board, many have called on the government to prosecute officials of past government indicted in various reports, but for reasons best known to them which is now glaring to all, they choose to subject those reports to a forensic audit to ensure no one is being wrongly alleged”

Hamzat maintained that the government’s willingness to wait for an independent forensic audit, after several of its own committees had indicted the past administration is a progressive virtue, which should be applauded.

Speaking on the forensic audit report, Kwara Must Change is of the view that, the government no longer have any excuse to delay prosecution and it urged the government to charge the concerned individuals to court with immediate effect.

“Now that the forensic audit is out, giving details of the various allegations, it is now time for the government to charge those indicted to court without any delay,” Hamzat said.

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