Amputee Football: Isah Didn’t Tell The Truth About The COVID-19 Palliatives, Captain Oyeleke Alleges

Amputee Football: Isah Didn’t Tell The Truth About The COVID-19 Palliatives, Captain Oyeleke Alleges

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  • May 26, 2022
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Captain of the Nigeria Amputee Football Team, the Special Eagles, Sarafadeen Oyeleke has dismissed the claim by embattled President of the Nigeria Amputee Football Federation, Mr Suleiman Isah that he had nothing to do with the Covid 19 palliatives meant for the players.

Isah who is under fire from the players for alleged fraud among other infractions denied having anything to do with the Covid 19 palliatives.

In an interview where he responded to the different allegations by the players he addressed the issue of the Covid 19 palliatives “I didn’t  touch the palliatives. The Sports Ministry dealt directly with athletes through the captains”

Captain Oyeleke was vehement in his dismissal of Isah’s claim. His story

“What the former President, Mr Suleiman Isah told you about the Covid 19 palliatives is not true”.

“This is how the Covid 19 issue went. Mr. Isah called me on this day, during the Covid 19 lockdown. He said the Ministry was going to send me some money.

“I asked him what the money was meant for and he said it was for the Covid 19 palliatives and it was meant for me”

“I told him bluntly that it would be unfair to other members of the national team for me alone to keep whatever was sent”.

“I suggested to him that other players must be beneficiaries of whatever was to be sent”.

“He agreed and informed me that the Acting Technical Director, Pius Asaba would send me a list of those who will share the money”.

“I got the list of nine of us who were in Angola in 2019 for the Nations Cup. One of us was left out because he had some issues with the federation”.

“We (the assistant Captain and I) received N100,000 through our personal bank accounts. They paid N50,000 into my account and N50,000 into the assistant captain’s account”

“This was how the N100,000 was shared.

*N8,500 for each of the nine players

*N4,000 for each of the three coaches

*N4,000 for the Acting Technical Director

*N5,000 for the former President Isah”.

“We had a balance of N2,500 and the assistant captain and I took it for our expenses incurred through calls and other logistics”.

“I took N1,500 and my assistant took N1,000.”

Oyeleke who supported his claims with documents like bank alerts said the former President has a lot of questions to answer not just with the Covid 19 palliatives but how he discharged his duties during his four years in office.

The captain is one of the signatories of the petition to the Sports Ministry asking that Isah be sacked and probed.

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